Dye Diode HENE Ruby Laser Glasses

Those seeking protection against Dye, Diode, HeNe or Ruby lasers, should strongly consider the Dye Diode HENE Ruby laser safety glasses. Wearing laser safety glasses is significantly important in all medical, surgical, dental or cosmetic procedures. This is not only an important safety measure; it is a requirement for many facilities to prevent ocular injuries. Opting for the Dye Diode HENE Ruby laser glasses will keep your facility submissive with ANSI Z136.3 standards, which is intended for facilities working with high power Class 3B and Class 4 lasers and laser systems.

The lenses on these particular filters are exclusively made of glass. By selecting laser eyewear with glass lens, you will experience a durable pair of safety eyewear and years of use with proper care. Some manufacturers only coat the top of their lens with protection, meaning that the slightest scratch compromises the safety of the filter causing an unsafe pair. At Universal Medical, the full material of our lens holds complete protection. This particular pair has a violet colored lens allowing 14% visible light transmission. These laser safety glasses protect against the following wavelength ranges include 513-680 nm at 6+ optical density and 576-668 nm at 7+ optical density allowing you to work safely with your Dye, Diode, HENE and Ruby Lasers.

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