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The Diode Laser Safety Glasses were created to shield your eyes from the harmful laser radiation against diode lasers. Protecting your eyes from potential eye injuries is imperative in today’s medical world. It is a requirement that many medical, cosmetic, surgical, dental and laboratory facilities enforce medical personnel to wear safety glasses. By choosing the Diode Laser Glasses, your facility will stay in compliance with ANSI Z136.3 standards. These standards were designed for individuals working with and around laser systems along with high power Class 3B and Class 4 lasers in healthcare settings.

The lens found in diode laser glasses is manufactured from a material known as polycarbonate (POLY). The polycarbonate laser glasses are lightweight, cost-effective and provide a visible light transmission of 27.9%. Many have indicated that due to the light weight of these glasses, they are more comfortable during lengthy procedures. Since polycarbonate material is less expensive when compared to glass, the diode filters are more affordable. Accidental laser radiation exposure can create permanent damaging effects to your eyes. Medical personnel must understand the importance of identifying the type of laser they work around and also be able to match the operating wavelengths to the laser safety eyewear that will be used.

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