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Diode Extended Laser Glasses | UV Excimer Laser Glasses | InGaAs Laser Glasses

The Diode Extended Laser Glasses will protect your eyes when working with your diode, UV excimer or inGaAs laser systems. Lasers emit many forms of non-ionizing radiation, which can be damaging to the human eye if not protected. It’s important that medical staff wear the appropriate laser safety glasses when working around powerful laser systems. Safety regulations and standards, such as the ANSI standards, require those working around class 3B and class 4 laser systems to wear laser glasses.

The UV excimer laser glasses have green polycarbonate lenses and offer a visible light transmission of 64%. Polycarbonate (POLY) is often used as the lens material because it is lightweight yet durable, great for medical and clinical settings. The material polycarbonate is typically less expensive when compared to glass, making the diode extended laser glasses more affordable. If you’re working with a diode, UV excimer or inGaAs (indium gallium arsenide) laser system, the diode extended selection will have the laser glasses for you.

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