Argon Alignment Laser Glasses

Argon Alignment Laser Glasses | Argon Alignment Laser Goggles

While properly aligning your argon laser it is essential to correctly wear Argon Alignment laser safety glasses from Universal Medical. Staying compliant with ANSI Z136.3 standards and regulations is easy when you select the argon alignment laser glasses. These standards are strictly in place for those working around class 3B and class 4 lasers and laser systems. It is important to follow laser safety regulations for all organizations where medical, surgical, dental procedures or treatments are performed.

Since a majority of laser accidents occur during the alignment process, it is imperative to wear these filters correctly. The argon alignment laser glasses consist of polycarbonate lenses to shield against direct or reflected laser beams. Polycarbonate lenses allow for a lightweight pair of laser glasses at an inexpensive cost. These particular filters have a red colored lens allowing 34% visible light transmission. It is important to match the wavelength range measurements with the operating laser. The argon alignment laser glasses have a wavelength range of 480-532 nm at 2-3+ optical density and 470-555 nm at 1.5+ optical density.

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