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The Alexandrite laser glasses will keep your eyes defended against alexandrite and diode laser beams and radiation. The alexandrite and diode lasers were created to isolate and radiate specific wavelengths of light, intended for many medical and scientific functions. Alexandrite Laser Eyewear will maintain ANSI Z136.3 standards within your facility. These standards are paramount for regulating safety measures with high power Class 3B and Class 4 lasers and laser systems. Lasers are effective due to the precise control of light they emit, with this advanced technology comes key safety regulations.

Polycarbonate (POLY) is a lightweight material that is found in the lens of Alexandrite laser glasses. These pink colored lenses allow 32.6% visible light transmission. The wavelength ranges are 730-855 nm at 5+ optical density and 755-830 nm at 7+ optical density for absolute protection. Since these lenses are light in weight, they are oftentimes preferred when working in procedures that take a long amount of time for maximum comfort. Another benefit for the polycarbonate filters is that they are reasonably priced due to the material used. It is also important to maintain cleanliness and adequate sanitation for your alexandrite laser eyewear. By keeping them in a protective unit or stand like our Clearly Safe Acrylic Safety Eyeglass Dispenser they will remain unharmed.

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