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Our unique line of specimen bags consists mostly of Whirl-Pak sample bags. With a variety of sizes and styles to choose from, our specimen bags are an essential product in many laboratories, hospitals, and research facilities. With our line of high-quality and reliable laboratory sample bags, your facility can rely on these sample bags to transport and store important samples. The write-on sample bags will allow for proper labeling to help keep your facility organized.

These lab specimen bags are used in a number of applications such as food, water, dairy, veterinary, pharmaceutical, microbiology, environment and more. Used for both solids and liquids you will find a variety of sizes and styles including stand-up bags, water sampling bags, scoop bags, write-on bags, biohazard bags, sterile bags, filter bags for homogenizer blenders, coli-test bags, black bags, pre-moistened speci-sponge bags, and more.

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