Low Retention Pipette Tips

Low Retention Tips | Micro Pipette Tips

Low retention pipette tips are unique, as they can considerably reduce the loss of samples. Many laboratory applications depend upon high precision measurements, which makes these micro-pipette tips ideal. High precision measurements are often required when you have limited volume samples, expensive enzymes and reagents and foaming liquids. Traditional pipette tips often leave behind a thin film of liquid or fluid droplets after the dispensing.

Low retention tips are made of a homogeneous, defect-free surface that has very low surface tension. This will reduce the loss of samples and offer reproducibility as you work with important media. Low retention pipette tips improve consistency when using critical samples. A few key benefits of our low retention pipette tips include secure reliable results, produced under rigorous cleanroom conditions, high chemical resistance, autoclavable, available in a variety of sizes, and most importantly help reduce sample loss.

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