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Laboratory rockers operate in a see-saw type motion and at lower speeds than other types of mixing equipment. Because rockers have the special see-saw motion, they are ideal for staining, de-staining, blotting and gentle mixing. This laboratory mixing equipment comes in two different types, 3D rockers and 2D rockers. We offer both of these types of rockers.

3D rockers are designed with a tilt angle. This angle helps create a circular up and down see- saw motion. The design and motion of this rocker makes it perfect for blotting, staining and gentle mixing. 3D rockers are most commonly used for very sensitive biochemical and fermentation applications. This is due to the rocker’s ability to avoid the formation of foam that can occur during the mixing of samples. The laboratory rockers we offer include 2D and 3D rockers. We also have rockers that have fixed or variable speed settings. Find the laboratory rocker that is ideal for you today.

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