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Medical Carts To Fit Your Need

Our medical multi-purpose carts are designed to serve a wide range of treatment and procedure applications in hospitals, surgical centers, doctor's offices, dental and oral surgery practices, health clinics, medical schools, laboratories, and veterinary centers. Some carts, such as our Lakeside Standard Duty Stain Resistant Platic Utility Cart, serve a straightforward purpose - provide an easy-to-clean, durable solution to re-position items around your facility. For a storage solution for personal protectiec equipment (PPE), our Harloff V-Series Short Infection Control/Isolation Cart Three Drawer is a great choice. Our DETECTO Rescue Series General Purpose Medical Cart - 5 White Drawers and our Standard Line 54 Bin Medication Cart with Key Lock are examples of medical storage carts designed to serve specific functions in your hospital or medical facility. Some of our medical carts, such as the Universal Line Aluminum Anesthesia Workstation Six Drawer - Electronic Locking Keyless Entry, feature locking drawers, allowing you to control access to critical supplies, narcotics, and medications. Controlling access is one of the best ways to prevent tampering or theft by unauthorized individuals. Other carts, such as the Pedigo Stainless Steel Utility Cart, utilize all stainless-steel construction, making them ideal for operating room environments where sterilization is vital.

Mobile medical carts serve many functions. After all, they're utility carts. When you need a medical cart for a specific function, it's easier to find the right product when those products are organized by type. In the links below, we've grouped our medical carts by common features required by different departments in your medical facility.