Lead Markers

We carry a full range of radiology markers designed to serve various radiographic needs and preferences. Our unmounted lead letters and mounted lead letters (available in various character heights) can be used to create words or phrases interchangeably. Our economical plastic X-ray markers use molded plastic to completely encase high-density lead letters, which can include 3 characters, such as a radiology technician's initials. Our durable aluminum X-ray markers are the highest quality marker for every X-ray film you take because the aluminum adds density and improves the radiographic image. Our digital X-ray markers are specifically designed for use in digital imaging. For the high kVp requirements of oncology, our oncology markers are an ideal choice. Our copper filtered X-ray markers use a copper filter for high kVp, enabling you to mark films for various X-ray exposures or subject densities without changing markers.

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