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  • Inert yellow dye helps reduce pipetting errors
  • Room temperature stable for up to 30 days
  • Compatible with fast cycling protocols
  • Highly sensitive for low copy number templates
  • Includes Accuris Hot Start Taq Polymerase

Successful PCR requires careful control of many variables. Pipetting accuracy, enzyme performance, dNTP concentrations, are just a few of the variables that can all contribute to reaction problems. Accuris has developed their new qMAX Gold to control these variables and help you achieve the best possible amplification performance. Just add primers and DNA targets to the mix, and then proceed to amplification. qMAX Gold is compatible with all real time thermal cyclers and exhibits high sensitivity with normal or fast 2-step cycling protocols.

Accuris qMAX Gold qPCR Mix is a single tube formulation for sensitive and efficient real-time, quantitative PCR assays with the option of post amplification melt profiles. The proprietary qMAX Green dye provides a high level of fluorescence when bound to double stranded DNA with minimal PCR inhibition. qMAX Gold includes an inert yellow dye so small volumes are easy to visualize in PCR plates. The mix is optimized for earlier threshold detection cycles (Ct ) and fast cycling with exceptional, reproducible results. Ideal for genomic DNA, cDNA and dilute templates.

  • Ideal for fluorescent DNA/cDNA detection, gene expression analysis and sequence variant screening.
  • Utilizes high quality, Accuris Hot Start Taq Polymerase to reduce nonspecific binding and provide easy reaction set up.
  • A unique combination of salts, pH and PCR enhancers allow for detection of dilute targets and earlier Ct values.
  • Compatible with fast cycling protocols.

Storage: For long term storage, keep at -20°C. Avoid excessive freeze/thaw cycles. When stored as directed, this product will retain its activity for 12 months from date of receipt. qMAX Gold is thermally stable and will maintain activity if kept at room temp for 5 days.

Limitations of Use: For research purposes only. Not intended for therapeutic or diagnostic use.

Quality Control: Accuris qPCR mixes are tested for efficiency, activity, sensitivity, processivity, heat activation, and absence of nuclease and nucleic acid contamination. This product is manufactured under a comprehensive quality management system, following SO 9001:2008 standards.

General Guidelines:

  • 2X Taq Master Mix: The Master Mix contains Accuris Taq Hot Start DNA polymerase, qMax Green (a proprietary, fluorescent binding dye), dNTPs and an optimized buffer designed specifically for maximum efficiency, sensitivity and successful quantitative PCR.
  • Amplicon: The optimal amplicon length is 80 to 200 base pairs. Length should not exceed 400 base pairs.
  • Primers: Primers should have a predicted melting temperature (Tm) of approximately 60°C, using primer design software such as Primer 3 or visual OMPTM
  • Reference Dyes (ROX™): ROX passive reference dyes are required by some real-time PCR instruments. Not all instruments require the same level of ROX, and many of the newer instruments do not require passive reference but include the option to use it for normalization. Comparisons between suppliers should always been done in a 10-fold amplification series. Low concentration loss of detection is the only direct measurement of sensitivity.

Reaction Setup: Briefly vortex the 2X mix before adding to the reaction

Component 20µl Reaction Final Concentration
Accuris qMax 2X Gold Master Mix 10µl 1X
Forward Primer (10µM) 0.8µl 400 nM
Reverse Primer (10µM) 0.8µl 400 nM
Template DNA Variable
PCR-Grade water to final reaction volume  

For other volumes, adjust the amount of each component accordingly. Gently mix the solution. If needed, spin briefly in a microcentrifuge to bring reaction mixture to the bottom of the tube. Transfer samples to a real time thermal cycler, acquiring data on the SYBR Green or FAM channel.

PCR Program

Step Temperature Time
Initial denaturation 95°C 2 minutes (3 minutes for gemonic DNA)
40 cycles*


60° - 65°C

5 seconds

20-30 seconds

Melt Anaylsis (optional)    

*Do not use temperatures below 60º or exceed 30 seconds.

Accuris guarantees the performance of this product as described when used in accordance with these instructions. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to determine the suitability of this product for their particular application.

Packaging: Accuris qMax Gold qPCR Master Mix, supplied in 100, 500 and 1000 reaction (20µl) packages.

Reference Dyes (ROX™) Includes
Accuris qMax Gold qPCR Master Mix, Sample
PR2010-H-S High ROX 200µl of 2X Master Mix (20 rxns)
PR2010-L-S Low ROX
PR2010-N-S No ROX
Accuris qMax Gold qPCR Master Mix, 100 rxns
PR2010-H-100 High ROX 1.0ml of 2X Master Mix (100 rxns)
PR2010-L-100 Low ROX
PR2010-N-100 No ROX
Accuris qMax Gold qPCR Master Mix, 500 rxns
PR2010-H-500 High ROX 5x1.0ml of 2X Master Mix (500 rxns)
PR2010-L-500 Low ROX
PR2010-N-500 No ROX
Accuris qMax Gold qPCR Master Mix, 1000 rxns
PR2010-H-1000 High ROX 10x1.0ml of 2X Master Mix (1000 rxns)
PR2010-L-1000 Low ROX
PR2010-N-1000 No ROX


Manufacturer Benchmark Scientific
PCR Application Real Time PCR
Country of Manufacture United States
Item Ships From New Jersey


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