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The model #1100 is the 40" "Original S-shaped board" by Beasy. This model is ideal for automobile transfers & situations where space is not an issue. It has also been used successfully to boost or reposition patients in bed, and with transferring larger profile patients.

  • Overall Dimensions: 40" L x 12" W x 1.5" thick
  • Seat Thickness: 1/2" (seat is not padded)
  • Base Thickness: 1"
  • Weight: 6.5 lbs
  • Transfer Weight: Up to 400 lbs.
  • The board is made of durable yet light-weight construction of advanced DuPont™ spun fiberglass Minlon® polymers
  • Provides a lifetime of safe, easy transfers
  • Reduces transfer-related friction on skin and tender bones
  • Smooth gliding transfers
  • Offers patients greater independence
  • Dramatically simplifies in-home, or in-facility transfers
  • Country of Origin: United States of America

Beasy Premium Transfer Systems offer a safe transition from wheelchair to: car; bed; bath; commode and more, making transitions easier and safer for mobility patients. Each device is equipped with a rotating seat that allows patients to transfer into the correct position without stress. The seat spins a full 360 degrees, as well as slides along the base to provide smooth transfers. Patients can reposition themselves easily without the aid of additional caregivers. This innovation not only reduces the risk of shoulder, arm, leg and back injury to the patient, but also to the caregiver. Patients simply slide across the low-friction surface on a safe, stable seat that easily glides them from one end of the board to the other.


Manufacturer Beasy System
GSA Contract Number V797D-40002


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The height difference between transfer surfaces should never be in excess of 6 inches or more than a 30 degree angle.


Please request authorization for return from Customer Service within 30 days of receiving your board. Items must be returned in new, unused condition in their original packaging. All shipping charges remain payable by the purchaser.

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Customer Questions
Does the patient sit on the circle and it moves to the other end of the slide board, so the patient doesn't have to scoot on the board?
Yes, exactly! Additional depictions of transfer scenarios can be seen in the product manual for this item. Please review the 'Literature' section on the item's detail page. This .pdf contains detailed instructions on the item's use.
Can you slide the board under a patient sitting in a wheel to transfer to a bed?
Yes, this board can be used to transfer from a wheelchair to bed.
Can this transfer board be used with a wheelchair which does not have removable arms?
Yes, this transfer board can be used with a wheelchair. One end of the board will lay on the seat of the wheelchair while the other end should be positioned under the person prior to transfer. The person being transferred would then glide across the board on the provided track to the wheelchair. The height difference between transfer surfaces should never be in excess of 6 inches or more than a 30...
Does this board transfer from wheelchair to a van seat easily? I know most transfer boards work better if going down. My van is higher than a wheelchair, so the patient is sliding up instead of down when getting into the van.
For this product, the height difference between transfer surfaces should never be in excess of 6 inches or more than a 30 degree angle. If this is not an issue, then you should be able to use this board with ease as the person being transferred would sit on the seat and glide along the track the seat is positioned in.
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