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Frontal Aprons allow for freedom of movement, maximum flexibility, and optimal comfort. The open back design makes these aprons exceptionally light.

Apron Features:

  • Crisscross shoulder design keeps the apron in place when bending or stooping
  • VELCRO® Brand tabs make it easy to put on and take off the apron
  • Adjustable style reduces bunching on back and shoulders
  • Features shoulder pads and a pocket
  • Embroidery at an additional charge
  • Protection level comes standard 0.50 mm Pb (Front protection only)
  • This style of apron incorporates a lightweight composite, 2-element material, with some lead content and is recyclable
  • 25% lighter than regular grade lead and is tested at 100% at 100 kV
  • Country of Origin: United States of America
Size W x L Chest Size Max Height Approx Weight
Male Small 24" x 36" 34-35" 5'8" 8 lbs
Male Medium 24" x 38" 36-39" 6'0" 8.5 lbs
Male Large 24" x 40" 40-42" 6'0" 9 lbs
Male Tall Large 24" x 43" 40-42" 6'3" 10 lbs
Male X-Large 25" x 40" 44-45" 6'0" 10 lbs
Male XX-Large 26" x 42" 46-48" 6'2" 11 lbs
Female X-Small 20" x 34" 32-33" 5'6" 7 lbs
Female Small 22" x 34" 34-35" 5'6" 7.1 lbs
Female Medium 22" x 36" 36-39" 5'8" 7.5 lbs
Female Tall Medium 22" x 40" 36-39" 6'0" 8.5 lbs
Female Large 24" x 40" 40-42" 6'0" 8.5 lbs
Female X-Large 25" x 40" 43-46" 6'1" 9.5 lbs
Our apron sizes are based on adult averages. We understand that some people have unique body shapes, please call customer service at 800-423-2767 with your requirements & we can have your apron cut to fit specific dimensions.

Please note all radiation protection apparel items are made to order. Shipping/transit time is additional. If an expedited shipping method is selected, it will change ONLY the number of days your shipment is in transit; it will have no effect on item production time. If you wish to RUSH the transit time of your item, please select an expedited shipping method at check out. Unfortunately, RUSH SERVICE production time is not available from this manufacturer.


Manufacturer Xenolite
Item Ships From Pennsylvania


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General Apron Cleaning:

  • Do not machine wash or machine dry.  Do not use warm or hot water.  Do not iron.  Do not autoclave.
  • Most dirt and water-soluble stains, including blood, other body fluids and barium contrast media, can be removed using mild household dish washing liquid-type soaps/detergents (eg "Palmolive", "Dove" etc.) in diluted form in cold water.
  • These are best applied by wiping the apron fabric with a cloth or disposable wipe dampened with this aqueous cleaner.
  • For stubborn marks, especially congealed barium contrast medium on a woven surface, the use of a soft scrubbing brush is recommended, using mild detergent liquid.
  • For other proprietary cleaners, including combined cleaning/disinfecting agents, avoid the use of alcohol or alcohol-based agents, especially IPA/ethanol, and harsh caustic- or phosphate-based agents.
  • Quaternary ammonium cleaners/disinfectants (QATS) are recommended, provided they are substantially alcohol-free and made up in dilute water-based forms. Follow manufacturer's instructions for make-up/ dilution.
  • In all cases, the fabric surface should be wiped, rinsed with a water- dampened cloth, and then wiped dry.
  • Avoid bleach (chlorine or peroxide) as this will discolor and damage fabrics, edge binding and sewing thread. Avoid the use of alcohol of alcohol based products.

 Iodine stains (Betadine, Povidine)

  • All XENOLITE fabrics may be disinfected with water-based QAT (quaternary ammonium-based) cleaning/ disinfecting agents or certain "active oxygen" disinfectants. A list of approved QAT's and other disinfectants follows.
  • Information regarding specific bacterial, fungal and virocidal efficacy, required dilutions, preparation, and time can be obtained from the manufacturers' websites.
  • As with cleaning, the preferred procedure is to use a cloth or a disposable wipe dampened with the disinfectant.
  • If a lengthier time is required for bacterial kill, the cloth or wipe may be left in contact for the required period.
  • In all cases, the fabric surface should be wiped and rinsed with a water-dampened cloth or disposable wipe and then allowed to dry.
  • Do not autoclave or use gamma irradiation for sterilizing.

 List of approved QAT or active oxygen proprietary disinfectants/cleaners (USA/Europe/global)

  • Clorox Pro Quaternary All-purpose Disinfectant 30182, CLO 30423"
  • Decon BDD Bacdown" (Decon Labs USA)
  • Fiberlock IAQ 2000" Fiberlock Technologies (USA)
  • Antifect FF" at dilution < 2% Schulke & Mayr, DE
  • Terralin Protect" at max 2% Schulke DE; avoid use of Terralin liquid and Terralin PAA
  • Terralin Perform" Schulke DE (active oxygen)
  • Lysol IC Quaternary Disinfectant" Reckitt Benckiser
  • Medtrol "CTW", CTG 175, 140 Clini-Tech


Regular inspections of the garment, at least annually, are recommended, using radiographic or fluoro operating at 70-90 kV. Lines may indicate cracks; dots may be pinholes, (seen as dark on film, clear on fluoro) - consult your Radiation Safety Officer.


The Warranty of garments is 2 years from date of manufacture in consideration of the core material and workmanship. With careful use and proper storage, the useful life should be several years. When not in use, garments should be placed on a hanger. Extreme heat will severely damage your garment. Avoid contact with hot surfaces or exposure to direct sunlight. Also avoid contact with sharp objects, as these may penetrate the garment's protective core. For transportation, the garments should be carefully rolled up and put in a box or tube.  Customer mishandling of products will void the warranty.


This item is not able to be returned as it is made in your size and/or color selection.


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