Product Description

  • Compatible with the QS-710 Quick Screen Horizontal Electrophoresis System (IB51000)
  • For casting a 7cm (wide) x 10cm (long) agarose gel
  • Mates with the QS-710 Casting Fixture (IB51025) to create the QS-710 Casting System (IB51030)
  • Holds up to two QS-710 combs simultaneously


IBI's IB51020 is a UV Transmittant (UVT) Casting Tray used to mold a 7cm (wide) x 10cm (long) gel for use in the QS-710 Quick Screen Horizontal Electrophoresis System (IB51000.) This QS-710 UVT Casting Tray mates with the QS-710 Casting Fixture (IB51025) to create the QS-710 Casting System (IB51030) for pouring agarose gels outside of the QS-710 gel rig. This allows for continual use of the electrophoresis system with no downtime for gel preparations.


The UVT casting tray and casting fixture tightly fit together via a compressible gasket, so as no casting tape is necessary when pouring gels. Once an agarose gel is molded, the casting tray is separated from the casting fixture and placed into the gel system's buffer tank to run the desired gel.


The UVT Casting Tray is constructed of 3/16-inch thick, clear UVT cast acrylic to allow for the passage of UV light. It is specially designed to hold up to two QS-710 analytical or preparative combs, simultaneously.


An IB51020 (Casting Tray) is included with every IB51000 (QS710 System). This item is typically used as a replacement item or if a user requires additional trays for increased throughput.


Manufacturer IBI Scientific
Country of Manufacture United States
Item Ships From Iowa


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Customer Questions
Do you have the casting tray for 7 cm X 7 cm gel? I bought size 7 cm X 10 cm that did not fit our tank.

The manufacturer does not have any gel casting trays that are 7cm x 7cm. They did advise that they have multiple sizes for item # JSB-30 Jordan Mini Gel-O Submarine Horizontal Electrophoresis System but they can only be used for the JSB-30system. The smallest for the JSB-30 system is 7.5cm x 7.5cm .

Do you offer a tray that is 8 x 8 cm?

Unfortunately no, the casting trays for the QS-710 are 7cm x 10cm only.

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