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The Anthropomorphic Training/Teaching Phantom

  • Anatomically & Radiologically Correct Female
  • Small size and low weight simplify positioning
  • Can be positioned for most views
  • Permits evaluation of student performance
  • Organs accept contrast media

Designed specifically for training radiologic technologists. PIXY is 5 feet 1 inch tall & weighs 105 lbs. She is repeatable, virtually indestructible and a convenient substitute for patients.

Made of tissue equivalent materials with life like articulations, PIXY is easily manuvered into desired positions. PIXY is used to demonstrate anatomy & evaluate positioning & imaging techniques, including kVp, mAs, contrast, optical density, OFD, and TFD. Radiographs of PIXY are optically equivalent in density & contrast to human patients. PIXY permits unlimited exposures and tolerates trainee errors.


  • Ball & Socket shoulder joints
  • Elbows & knees flex 90 to 100 degrees
  • Hips flex 130 degrees with 30 degree hyperextension
  • Right hand molded with fingers for AP view, Left hand is an oblique-lateral position
  • Left foot is in full plantar flexion, Right Foot is in neutral position
  • C1, C2, C6 & C7 are nylon joints for full head positioning
  • Contains: Stomach, Gall Bladder, Urinary Bladder, Kidneys, Rectum & Sigmoid Flexure
  • Organs are air filled, but accept water or contrast media. Easily flushed out after use


  • Highly detailed polymer skeleton reproduces the shape, mass density & attenuation coefficients of the cortical bone & spongiosa, allows continuous productions.
  • Matching of skeletons & soft tissue permits external & bony landmarks to coincide. Position of bones within the soft tissue is anatomically correct.
  • Bone sutures are radiographically visible
  • Available in Opaque or Transparent Tissue Equivalencies. Transparent PIXY has visible organs & skeletons except at the hips, knees & elbows. (These are opaque due to latex coverings over soft tissue gels at these locals). Two-ply coverings protect against gel leakage.


  • Molded of tissue equivalent foam with mass density of inflated human lungs (0.30 g/cc).
  • Connected to the oro-nasal cavity by the stem bronchi & trachea
  • Oro-nasal pharynx is filled with a nearly air equivalent foam

PIXY Refurbishment Service is available, please contact Customer Service for further information.

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Manufacturer RSD
Country of Manufacture United States
Item Ships From California
GSA Contract Number V797D-40246


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