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Premier™ Flexible Spine with Thorax and Movable Femur Heads
  • Perfect for respiratory studies
  • This full-size natural cast replica of an adult male specimen makes an ideal subject for meaningful study of respiratory mechanics.
  • Because it is provided with the entire rib cage in addition to a flexibly-articulated vertebral column, you can reproduce all the natural movements of the spine and thorax.
  • Additional true-to-life features included are:
    • occipital bone of the skull
    • spinal cord with medulla
    • cervical vertebral arteries
    • paired spinal nerves
    • detachable sacral flap which exposes the branching cauda equina
    • proximal femur segments articulated to duplicate movement at the ball and socket joint of the hip
  • Complete with suspension stand.
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Manufacturer Denoyer Geppert
Item Ships From Illinois


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Customer Questions
Are there any metal screws within the rib cage? I am looking for a rib cage model with minimal metal.
On this model the sternum is wired to each rib individually.
How many ribs are there including "floating" ribs? I am told by a CT scan report that my ribs 9,10, 11 and 12 are cracked but I do not see 12 ribs on the models shown.
This model has the entire rib cage which is 12 pairs. It may be hard to see by the photo as some of the ribs appear to overlay each other, but there are indeed 12 pairs.
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