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Reduces the opportunity for cross contamination to occur by using the PathAguard® Dispenser / Receptacle in conjunction with the PathAguard® ABLiS® System! The use of the disposable PathAguard® ABLiS ®Liner in conjunction with the PathAguard® ABLiS® reusable Basin provides a welcome solution to current methods of carrying out daily hygiene activities. The PathAguard® ABLiS® Starter Pack is the perfect solution. It includes:

        • (1) Liner Dispenser/Receptable
        • (3) Rolls of Liners (50 Liner/Roll)
        • (4) Basins
        • Latex Free


The PathAguard® ABLiS® represents a welcome addition to your infection control arsenal. The PathAguard® ABLiS® is a unique patient bathing system designed to inhibit the spread of Pathogens that may cause HAI’s (Healthcare Associated Infections). When used with recommended infection control procedures, the PathAguard® ABLiS™ system provides an unique method to reduce the risk of cross infection when patient assisted washing is being performed by healthcare professionals in a clinical setting.

        • Inhibits the growth of Pathogens on the products reducing the opportunity for cross-contamination
        • FDA Class 1 Medical Device
        • Utilising Biomaster silver ion technology
        • Tested and proven in a laboratory setting
        • CE Marked
        • Patient comfort
        • Cost effective solution


The strains successfully tested are:

        • Acinetobacter baumannii
        • Pseudomonas aeruginosa
        • Enterococcus faecium
        • Staphylococcus aureus
        • MRSA
        • VRE
        • E.Coli
        • Klebsiella Pneumonia
        • Carbapenem-resistant Klebsiella Pneumonia


The Biomaster silver ion technology works in a multi modal way inhibiting the ability of the Pathgens to grow. How does it work?

        • Biomaster binds to the cellwall disrupting growth
        • The Biomaster silver ions interfere with enzyme production stopping the cell producing energy
        • Biomaster interrupts the cell's DNA preventing replication


Manufacturer CMC Hygea Ltd
Certifications CE Certified
Country of Manufacture Ireland
Item Ships From Florida

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