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  • IBI's Proteinase K Solution is a stable 20 mg/ml highly active proteolytic enzyme that is purified from the mold Tritirachium album.
  • The enzyme has two binding sites for Ca++, which lie some distance from the active site and are not directly involved in the catalytic mechanism.
  • The high activity of the enzyme solution (0.6 U/µl) means that you can keep the reaction volumes low (as low as 200 µg/ml). It also means that you can expect more complete digestion of your samples.

Example: For a final concentration of 200µg/ml, add 1ml of Protease K Solution to your sample.

  • Proteinase k solution is used to digest proteins and remove contaminants from nucleic acid sample preparations that can degrade DNA and RNA during purification. It is ideal for this application since the enzyme is active in the presence of chemicals that denture proteins such as SDS and urea.

Physical Specifications:

  • CAS#: N/A
  • Tris: 10mM
  • Calcium Chloride: 1mM
  • Glycerol: 30%
  • pH adjusted to 8.0 with HCl
  • Appearance: Slightly yellow, haze-free liquid

Molecular Biology Specifications:

  • DNase assay (Endo and Exo): None Detected
  • RNase assay: None Detected
  • Protease activity on Gel Substrate: Pass

Storage: Store at +4°C. Keep tightly sealed.

Warning: Avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothing. Wash thoroughly with soap and water after handling. See Material Safety Data Sheet for additional information.


Please Note: This item is manufactured for laboratory research only and will not be shipped to other types of commercial or residential addresses.


Manufacturer IBI Scientific
Item Ships From Iowa

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