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The 6X loading dye is ideally suited for agarose electrophoresis of DNA, RNA, or nucleic acids. Its ultra-pure grade ensures quality and repeatability with every run. The light blue, indigo, and magenta dyes will clearly show the migration of each run and the dyes migrate independently from the samples allowing the estimation of nucleic acids.

Recommended Use:

  • 6X Loading Dye contains 15% Ficoll in a special TRIS dye. It is ideal for DNA or RNA gels. This loading dye contains the three tracking dyes that make estimating sample migration easy and reliable.
      • Dye #1: Light blue slightly slower than Xylene Cyanol migrating at around 4 base pairs in a 1% agarose gel
      • Dye #2: Indigo dye migrates similar to Bromophenol Blue at around 600 base pairs in a 1% agarose gel
      • Dye #3: Magenta dye migrates at around 150 base pairs in a 1% agarose gel
  • The dyes migrate independently from the samples, allowing the estimation of nucleic acids. The loading dyes impart color to the samples, which visually facilitates the loading process. The loading dyes increase the density of the samples insuring even loading of the sample wells.

Physical Specifications:

  • CAS#: N/A
  • Abs. @ 525 nm (1:500 water): 0.3 - 0.6
  • Abs. @ 588-594 nm (1:500 water): 0.5 - 0.8
  • Abs. @ 635-641 nm (1:500 water): 0.5 - 0.7

Molecular Biology Specifications:

  • DNase assay: None Detected
  • RNase assay: None Detected
  • Protease assay: None Detected

Storage: Store at room temperature. Keep tightly sealed. Protect from moisture.

Warning: Irritant. Avoid contact with eyes, respiratory system, and skin. Wear suitable protective clothing, gloves, and eye/face protection. See Material Safety Data Sheet for additional information.

What is the "Special TRIS" buffer that makes up the 6X loading dye? The buffer no longer contains a TRIS buffer. The buffer now uses DI water to lower the concentration from 25X to 6X.


Please Note: This item is manufactured for laboratory research only and will not be shipped to other types of commercial or residential addresses.


Manufacturer IBI Scientific
Item Ships From Iowa

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