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Kit includes the following position blocks:

  • (2) each 110 - Extremity Wedge 45 Degree 3"H x 3"W x 7 1/4"L
  • (1) each 111 - 45 Degree Extremity Wedge 6 3/4"H x 6 3/4"W x 7 1/4"L
  • (1) each 112 - Circular Disc 1 1/2"H x 7" Diameter
  • (2) each 113 - 12 Degree Cranial Wedge 2 1/4"H x 9 1/2"W x 7 1/4"L
  • (1) each 114 - Rectangle 2"H x 7 1/2"W x 9 1/2"L
  • (1) each 151 - Decubitus Block 4"H x 18"W x 24"H
  • (2) each 153 - Cylinder 4 1/4"D x 12"L
  • (2) each 154 - Rectangle 1/4"H x 18"W x 24"L (Please note: this item is always Uncovered Standard Foam)
  • (1) each 171 - Standard Table Pad 1" x 24" x 72" (Please note: this item is never coated)

Uncovered Standard Foam - Charcoal colored, open cell foam, radiolucent, fire retardant, economic, useful for general positioning.

All coverings/material are Latex Free, MRI Safe & Biocompatible

Artifacting Disclaimer:
In some instances, the optional covering and ultrafoam positioners may present artifacting issues when used for imaging applications. Depending on technique, it may be possible to work around artifact issues, as they typically appear along the edges of the positioning device. If the positioner is placed such that the edges are not in the field of view, artifacting may be avoided. Please note artifacting is most likely to occur for images below 70 KvP. For images above 70 KvP the edges are less obvious and may not present a problem. If you are concerned with artifacting, please select the uncovered, standard foam positioner option.


Manufacturer Domico Med-Device
Country of Manufacture United States
Item Ships From Michigan



Warranty: 60 days from date of shipment against manufacturing defects.


Customers wishing to return this product must contact Customer Service to obtain a valid return authorization number within 30 days of receipt. Please note, due to infection control concerns, to qualify for a return all parts must be unused and in the original packaging. The sealed plastic bag can not have been opened. A decontamination form will be provided when the RMA is issued and the completed form must be included with the return. A restocking fee of 25% will apply to all returns.


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