Non Magnetic Lighting

Since MRI's require the use of magnetism, it is necessary to ensure that all objects in the MRI room are nonmagnetic, including nonmagnetic lighting. Proper lighting is essential to any medical exam or operating room, and MRI suites are no exception. When a room has ideal MRI safe lighting, the resulting brightness allows the patient to feel more secure. Additionally, MRI lights aid in increasing the medical professionals visibility, making their job easier and decreasing the chances of error. 

The MRI room lights are designed to either be placed on the floor or attached to the ceiling, depending on your individual needs. Furthermore, the MRI lights have adjustable brightness levels and rotators to point the light in the appropriate direction. Each nonmagnetic lighting product also has affordable replacement light bulbs.Manufactured with care by the Sunnex company, our MRI lights offer a combination of safety and luminance unsurpassed in the industry.

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