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DR Panel Weight Distributor Plastic Bariatric Weight-Bearing Cassette Cap Aluminum Standard Weight-Bearing Cassette Cap
Our Price: $995.00
X-ray cassettes play a central role in the x-ray process. Medical imaging cassettes are an important tool in housing the x-ray film that captures the image. These radiology cassettes are available in a wide variety of sizes to suit all body parts that require x-ray. Included in the medical x-ray cassette, is your choice of x-ray screen. Screen types are determined by the type of film being used and aid in creating the best possible image. Also available with or without window, our push button radiology cassettes are sure to be available in the configuration you require.
As it is important to have fully functional x-ray cassettes to obtain the best images, Universal Medical is committed to providing your facility with an assortment of dependable diagnostic imaging cassettes. Our radiologist cassettes are available in a vast array of dimensions with screens for film speeds of all types. Each x-ray cassette is constructed of lightweight aluminum, making it easy to transport. We even offer a curved cassette to better capture images of traditionally difficult areas of the body.
Please contact our customer service department for assistance in selecting the x-ray cassette that best suits the needs of your facility and imaging application!