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Allen Pal Pro Stirrups Allen Medical Little Pal Pediatric Stirrups Allen Medical Junior Pal Stirrups
Our Price: $5,495.00
Our Price: $4,999.00
Our Price: $4,999.00
Allen Medical A-10052 Pal Pro Stirrups Without Integral Clamp Allen Medical A-10057 Little Pal Stirrups Allen Medical A-10056 Junior Pal Stirrups
Allen Basic Stirrups Adjustable Length Stirrups PAL Lift-Assist Stirrups
Our Price: $1,889.00
Our Price: $2,624.00
Our Price: $4,745.00
Allen Medical A-10001-F Basic Stirrups Allen Medical A-10008-F Adjustable Length Stirrups Allen Medical A-10023 PAL Lift-Assist Stirrups
SAM III Stirrups Polymer Gel Boot Pads FootHugger Boot Pads
Our Price: $3,745.00
Our Price: $299.00
Our Price: $456.00
Allen Medical A-10024 SAM III Stirrups Allen Medical A-10026 Polymer Gel Boot Pads Allen Medical A-10028-C FootHugger Boot Pads
Candy Cane Stirrup Leg Holder Simplicity Knee Crutch Ankle Stirrups
MSRP $210.00
Our Price: $186.00
Our Price: $899.00
Our Price: $420.00
Candy Cane Stirrup Leg Holder Allen Medical O-KCP Simplicity Knee Crutch
Safety Drape Cotton Leg Holder Replacement Straps Clear View Drape
Our Price: $239.00
MSRP $10.50
Our Price: $10.00
Our Price: $170.00
Allen Medical A-22000 Safety Drape Cotton Leg Replacement Strap for Candy Cane Stirrup Leg Holder Allen Medical O-CVD Clear View Drape
Single Loop Leg Prep
MSRP: $113.40
Our Price: $100.00
Stainless Steel Height Adjustable Single Loop Leg Prep
For proper positioning of lower extremities during surgery, high-quality medical stirrups are essential. Exam stirrups are positioning apparatuses that hold the leg and foot in a desired position.

Frequently combined with the use of a free-floating, tilting boots and a locking device to ensure secure positioning, these medical stirrups position the patient perfectly while minimizing pressure on the calf. Designed by the leading manufacturer of exam stirrups, our Allen Medical stirrups boast high-quality materials, precise calibration, and ease of use.

Hospitals, clinics, and outpatient surgery centers use our medical stirrups for use during urological procedures, leg surgeries, ultrasound, fracture repairs, lithotomies, and gynecological exams.

We offer dozens of variations of medical examination stirrups, including the Lexan Schurfoot, leg preppers for pre-operatory procedures, arthroscopic leg holders, GE pneumatic leg stirrups with vertical adjustment, basic Allen Medical stirrups, PAL lift-assist stirrups, and Allen Medical SAM III surgery stirrups. Use of our exam stirrups helps to prevent circulatory impairment, patient discomfort, and nerve damage.

Below are just some of the features of our surgical stirrups:
  • Smooth locking movements for one-handed adjustments
  • Materials are durable and easy to clean
  • Hinged braces and adjustable straps allow gynecology stirrups to accommodate patients of all sizes
  • Lightweight designs allow for easy portability
  • Slim profiles make our medical stirrups ideal for compact spaces
We also offer all necessary accessories for our exam stirrups, including stirrup storage carts, bariatric straps, boot pads, egg crate linings, and more.