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Understanding The Nervous System Flip Chart Understanding Stroke Chart The Brain Chart
Our Price: $17.00
Scientific Publishing 2700F Understanding The Nervous System Flip Chart Scientific Publishing Understanding Stroke Chart Scientific Publishing The Brain Chart
Understanding CNS (Central Nervous System) Chart Understanding Migraines Chart Understanding Epilepsy Chart
Scientific Publishing Understanding Central Nervous System Chart Scientific Publishing Understanding Migraines Chart Scientific Publishing Understanding Epilepsy Chart
The Nervous System Chart Understanding Parkinson's Disease Chart CSF & The Brain Laminated
Our Price: $16.00
Scientific Publishing The Nervous System Chart Scientific Publishing 2750P Parkinson's Disease Chart Scientific Publishing 8270L CSF & The Brain Chart Laminated
Neurons & Neurotransmitters Laminated
Our Price: $16.00
Scientific Publishing 8271L Neurons & Neurotransmitters Chart Laminated
Anatomical brain & skull charts are vital for understanding the intricacies of the brain, head, and nervous system. It is a requirement for medical professionals to not just be knowledgeable, but to be an expert in the conception of the human anatomy. The human brain is a complex, three-pound organ. It is the center of the nervous system, initiator of body movement, interpreter of the senses, the seat of intelligence, and controller of behavior. The unfamiliarity of medical words and terms often makes it difficult for new students to comprehend the information being thrown at them regarding the human brain.

Universal Medical Inc's skull & brain posters, available in paper or laminated form, ease that difficulty by using a visual display to keep the learning process interesting and engaging.

The labeled skull & brain charts from Universal Medical Inc. are intended for the education of multiple components and conditions, and their utilization is of considerable importance.
  • Demonstrates the occurrence of strokes and migraines.
  • Shows the development of epilepsy and Parkinson's disease.
  • Assists with the grasp of the nervous system and general brain anatomy.
  • Are excellent for educating independently as well as explaining the data to others.
Whether supplying yourself with anatomical brain charts to teach students of various levels or for in-house display, Universal Medical Inc. has the perfect products to fit your needs. Our brain & skull posters are great benefits for any medical institution or facility that intends on educating or informing others as to the properties of the human head or nervous system.